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The Manitoba Hydro Accountability Board is an opportunity for public experts and those with first-hand experience with Manitoba Hydro to inform the public on issues related to the utility’s practices and planning. The Board operates in the spirit of Energy Justice, ensuring energy consumption and production take place in environmentally and socially-sustainable ways.

The Accountability Board focuses on communication and public awareness to hold Manitoba Hydro accountable. MB Hydro has spent millions of dollars over decades convincing Manitobans that it produces clean energy. Anyone who has witnessed the devastating environmental and social impacts knows this is not the case.  Too often voices from the communities impacted directly from hydro development are not a part of the broader conversation.

These perspectives are invaluable to counteracting MB Hydro’s decisions and public awareness campaigns as to make the truth about Hydro as easy and accessible to consume as possible.

The Accountability Board will serve as a valuable voice with authority to respond to Hydro issues. For media relations this will serve as a key piece for holding Manitoba Hydro accountable in our efforts to build a responsible public utility. It is critical that decisions be informed and ideally made by people who are impacted by them which is why this board is made up of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to inform what Manitoba Hydro should be doing.

The Board and its members operate as an independent entity. 

This project is currently supported by Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition (MEJC) and Wa Ni Ska Tan who have provided generous assistance to instigate this project. The Board would welcome further networking and partnership opportunities. 







Churchill River Diversion Infographic:

Board Members

The following board members have been elected by the public to sit on the Manitoba Hydro Accountability Board. The Board consists of a diversity of experiences and voices to best respond to Manitoba Hydro’s actions. 

For more information about the board member, click their name.

Ellen Cook


Chief* Angela Levasseur


Pamela Godin


Lisa Bellemare


Mark Lowdon


Carlie Kane


Cody-Wyoming Lockhart



Jonas Cook


Gloria Desorcy