First Nation, Indigenous, Two-Spirit, LGBTQ2s+


Please name the community you belong to.

Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation.


What are your relevant qualifications?

Community advocate, keeper of Nehethowuk history (contemporary & relearning my ancestral history)


What is your current occupation? 

Land defender


What are your concerns for the environment and future generations?

Sustainability for present and future Indigenous peoples and Nations living in Northern Manitoba due to ongoing extraction projects.


What is your experience with hydropower?

Negatively impacted by its effects. Interruption of Cree culture and way of life.


What is your experience with Manitoba Hydro?

Often in opposition. My family’s traditional territory was devastated by the Northern flood agreement of the 70s.


Why do you think you would be a good fit for this board?

My hopes are to raise awareness and action about the ongoing settler colonial projects in keewatinohk askih “land of the north” and my homelands. I offer willingness to learn, adaption and a two-spirit Cree perspective. My responsibility is to my land, water and people that I hail from. I see my determination to fight against extraction projects as a fitting addition.