Please name the community you belong to.



What are your relevant qualifications?

20+ years activism in anti-poverty and environmental issues. Past member of the the Manitoba Hydro affordability working group, community animator and researcher.


What is your current occupation?

Community animator, Social planning Council of Winnipeg


What are your concerns for the environment and future generations?

We are facing a planetary crisis that will require a rapid transformation of our economy and society. It is imperative that this transformation be linked to addressing the vast inequalities of wealth that have blown up over the past several decades. We will not solve our ecological crisis without challenging the institutions of capitalism that have created it.


What is your experience with hydropower and Manitoba Hydro?

I was a member of the Wa Ni Ska Tan research advisory board for 3 years. I represented Social Planning Council of Winnipeg on the Manitoba Hydro Affordability working group. I was a living green living well coordinator with Green Action Centre for five years. I am on the board of Manitoba Eco-Network.


Why do you think you would be a good fit for this board?

I have considerable experience with Manitoba Hydro and I would add a voice on anti-poverty issues to the discussion.